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In fourth phase of Safai Yatra MAD cleans up Nehru Colony again

Dehradun’s own student activist group, Making A Difference By Being The Difference (MAD)  cleaned up the Nehru Colony D Block, roadside dump on Sunday while also rigorously and systematically engaging the locals to ensure that the locality remains clean as it completed the fourth phase of its Safai Yatra. This activity was in continuation of MAD’s ongoing campaign, wherein the group is cleaning up different places in Dehradun city on a war footing based on the kind of support it is getting from the local residents. 

Chief Minister Harish Rawat who had joined the group in the first two phases of the Yatra was unable to join the fourth one given his busy schedule. He had nonetheless sent his best wishes for the campaign to MAD’s Founding President Abhijay Negi. It is noteworthy that despite the CM’s own cleaning up act (with MAD previously at the same location); the D block dump was back to being in bad shape when MAD volunteers returned on Sunday; which shows that though ever since Safai Yatra has begun- Nagar Nigam’s seriousness is more palpable; yet systems have not been made sustainable.


On MAD’s request the Nagar Nigam had sent a JCB and a waste collection vehicle timely along with a few workers to help the clean-up intiative. When Maddians had started their work at Nehru Colony; waste was scattered all over the road and it took the group a little less than three hours to clean it all up. 

MAD’s Safai Yatra has made the Nagar Nigam much more serious about the dilapidated garbage disposal system in the city and the Chief Minister’s personal initiative has ensured that on its part the State Government judiciously shares its resources with the Municipality and recently the State has also cleared the setting up of the Sheeshambada recycling plant. MAD is enthused by these positive developments and plans to continue further with greater vigor.

Four years since MAD began its campaign for a cleaner city based on pocket money resources; many youngsters have joined the team which has made it an effective pressure group; which very much (by self admission) aims at “lobbying” for the right causes such as revival of streams, conservation of greenery and town planning. Today; all wings of the Government have started taking MAD’s efforts seriously. 

MAD has taken the Chief Minister to two (Tyagi Road and Nehru Colony) dirty locations in the city and plans to continue with such drives weekly till the arc of civic sense intersects with that of Governmental empathy. Present in today’s activity were Shardul Singh Rana, Jai Sharma, Himalaya Ramola, Shailja Chaurasia, Kunain Ansari, Saurav Joshi, Pooja Bhatt, Manvenddra Singh Rawat, Saurabh Nautiyal, Vidushi, Adarsh Bhatt among many others.


Dealers asked to provide PAN numbers before 17 August

Shimla : Excise and Taxation Department has requested all the registered dealers under Himachal Pradesh VAT Act, 2005 to provide information of their PAN number to the concerned Excise and Taxation Officers before 17 August, 2015.

A spokesperson of the State Government informed that Goods and Service Tax was being implemented shortly in the State for which the PAN numbers of the dealers were required for updating the departmental data base.

He said the registration of the dealers who would not provide information of their PAN in stipulated time period would be considered as cancelled. 


Landslides block Char Dham Routes; now normalized

Uttarkashi : A day after Metrological Department forecasted heavy rains in Uttarakhand, the State is left with a number a blocked roads and over 600 people stranded at various places and most of them are pilgrims of the Char Dham Yatra.

Metrological Department had predicted heavy rains from 31st July to August 3rd and had advised the authorities to stop the Char Dham Yatra. Due to regular pouring water a major landslide was triggered on the Gangotri highway blocking the route and the traffic came to a hault. Other 3 land slides have also been reported on the Char Dham Yatra route leaving around 600 people stuck at various places, however, the roads have been re-openned and traffic now has started moving. 

There are rocks and mud sliding from mountains at various places due to regular rains and there still is a prediction of more rains in next 24 hours. 

CM orders 25 % deduction in his salary for Relief Fund

Dehradun : Chief Minister Harish Rawat has decided to deposit 25% of his monthly salary in the Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

CM Rawat has instructed the Chief Secretary on phone to deduct 25% of the amount from his salary and deposit the same into the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. In addition to his the CM has order for removal of one vehicle from his fleet to save on expense.

He has also passed orders to deduct 10% from the Salary / Honorarium of other Ministers and Appointees, and have the same also deposited to the Relief Fund. He also directed the Chief Secretary that all Ministers, Appointees and Senior Officials will travel through economy class only, whenever there is a need of air travel. Chief Secretary was also given orders to monitor the progress of the building of fly overs in the city and to ensure the completion by 26 january 2016. The Information was shared by CM's Media Coordinator Mr. Surender Kumar.