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Curfew in Saharanpur after violent clashes

Saharanpur : Curfew has been imposed on Saharanpur city after a violent clash between two groups. It is being told that the unfortune incident took after a verbal argument over an issue of land that belonged to Gurudwara.

The situation was brought under control after imposing curfew and deploying various police units along with RAF.

Seven policemen have been reported to be injured.


Heavy rainfall predicted for next 24 hours in some areas

Dehradun : Heavy rainfall has been recorded in the last 24 hours in the state. Nainital, Mukteshwar, Champawat, Banbasa and Rudrprayag recorded the highest. There has been no major loss apart from some road cuts due to small landslides.

Uttarakhand Meteorological Centre has forecast rather heavy rainfall at a few places especially in Uttarkashi belt and remote areas of Pithoragarh district on Saturday. Heavy rainfall may occur at isolated places in Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Tehri, Haridwar, Nainital, Almora, Bageshwar and Pauri districts. Very heavy rainfall could occur at isolated places in Pauri, Nainital and Almora districts in the next 24 hours and people are requested to stay cautious and indoors.
The State Capital received about 35 mm rainfall in the last 24 hours. Low lying areas witnesed water clogging which resulted in heavy traffic jams and inconvinience to public.
Heavy rainfall has been recorded in the last 24 hours in the state. Nainital, Mukteshwar, Champawat, Banbasa and Rudrprayag recorded the highest.
People are adviced to take extra precaution while travelling in hills. Keep away from rivers and streams and avoid crossing running water either on foot or
by vehicle.

Rotary Club Dehradun Central celebrated Installation Day

Dehradun : Newly-elected office-bearers of the Rotary Club Dehradun Central, celeberated the new body’s installation day in Dehradun on Saturday. The office-bearers including Jagat Batra as President, Amit Aggrawal as Secretary, Rajesh Vasudev as Treasurer, Kailash Gulati, Col Manoj Gupta, Jagdish Kapoor, Kapil Sethi, Piyush Mittal, Raman Vohra and Rohit Gupta joined their office for the year 2014-15.

The outgoing board of directors was given a farewell  as well. Past Rotary International Director Rotarian Yash Pal Das, who is a member of the club since 1971 and is one of the few indians who served the organisation at international level, apprised the gathering that, “We have been working at all levels since 1988 for Polio eradication and finally succeeded in 2014 when India is declared as Polio Free.”
During the period, Rotary conducted massive programs and took initiatives beyond imaginations to achieve the goal. Now we have been given challenge to replicate India’s success in neighbouring Pakistan, one of three remaining polio-endemic countries, along with Afghanistan and Nigeria.
The organization has also taken up responsibility of rebuilding 175 schools which were severely hit by the disaster in 2013 in Uttarakhand.55 of these schools were completely washed away during the floods.
The Guest of Honor and the District Governor (District 3080) 2014-2015, Rotarian Col. Dilip Patnaik, further enlightened us about the current working of the organisation towards eradication of tuberculosis and the strategies and efforts being taken to achieve the next set goal.
He also told us that the next important project being taken is literacy campaign for which they have already started working and seeking help of various State Governments.The Chairman for a very major project of Rotary, the HEARTLINE project, Rotarian Piyush Mittal gave us information about the Heart line Project that Saves poor children born with congenital Heart Diseases and gets them operated without any charge.
The project so far has saved over 5,000 young lives, with 22 successfully operated in Dehradun itself. The project is supported by Rotary International. The event was well attended with members and their families.The outgoing committee briefed the house about their accomplishments and achievements in the past year. 22 new members were also inducted to the club. Among other members present were Rtn. Sudhir Jolly, Rtn. Rajesh Goyal,  along with other members and media coordinator Rtn. Saket Ahuja.

Chief Minister Harish Rawat expressed disappointment over budget

Dehradun, 10th July: The Chief Minister Harish Rawat has expressed disappointment over the budget. He said that there has been nothing fruitful for the state thought it was expected of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fulfill his promises towards the people of the state. 

The CM Harish Rawat added that the state gives services worth thousands of crores to people of the country annually. Despite this, the demand for green bonus for the state has been paid no heed. 

The former union government has agreed on green bonus status for the state on principle but this year’s budget has no mention of the same. 
The budget has also has no mention of the 4 thousand crore rupees for the rehabilitation of the disaster affected areas despite repeated requests to the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. 
The state required support from the union government for rehab of disaster affected villages in the state but no priority has been paid to this either. 
If the declared horticulture university was opened in Uttrakhand, it would have given a boost to the economy of the state and been an employment source. This would have given the edge to the state in development of organic farming and power development. The budget has a mention of developing 5 tourism circuits. The CM has expressed hope in including Uttrakhand in this circuit. He said that it is important to control migration of villagers from border areas. 
The CM added that earlier, BJP government had demanded industrial package for the state but ever since the Modi government has come in center, no such issue has been raised. According to Harish Rawat, the budget is rather disappointing for the state and shows step treatment for Uttrakhand. 
He has expressed similar opinion for the rail budget. The union government is mute about developing a strategy to get back black money from abroad as well as getting a control on inflation. 

Forestry can help in disaster control

Dehradun : Uttarakhand has been registering heavy rainfalls in the past couple of years, which probably is among the highest registered in the country. these heavy rainfalls have caused a lot of damage and are still a threat to the hilly regions. During regular and heavy downpur the threat of landslide increases, which is a very major reason for damage of life and property. 

The government has taken various measures for prevention of disaster and is constantly working for improvisation. A State Disaster management Policy has also be paid down which is said to be effective. The State Disaster management Authority is headed by the Chief Minister and thus gets full cooperation of the government machinery.
The renouned Forest Research Institute has termed this effort as Forestry Management. A national level training program has been jointly organised by National Institute of Disaster Management and the FRI which is being attended by forest officers and forest scientists across the country.  The initiative of the training programme has been taken to make the officials of forest departments of landslide prone regions and scientists from Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Geological Survey of India, Public Works Department and other bodies aware of the extent of damage caused by landslide disasters in India, the reasons for occurrence of landslides, the steps that can be taken to prevent or minimise the losses due to landslides. Along with the same mitigation, involvement and snycronization of varios departments will also be discussed and planned to come out with great reasults during unforeseen disasters.
You, me and all the residents can together contribute a lot towards disaster management by planting trees. Our beautiful state of Uttarakhand has become prone to landlines and the major reason is that we have been cutting trees sometime for road widening, sometime for industrialization and other reasons. Trees have roots strong enough to strenghten the ground and when we cut trees the ground starts loosing its grip, become prone to landslides.

Vehicle theft rate all time high

Dehradun : Vehicle theft, specially with two wheelers has recently become a major problem being face by the people in Dehradun. Though Dehradun police has taken various measures to prevent vehicle thefts, the cases of vehicle thefts are increasing double fold.

Last week the police had arrested three vehicle thieves and had recovered six stolen bikes from their possession. This week police arrested theives from the Clement Town area and recovered a stolen bike from their possession on Monday. These theives are bold enough to steal bikes from busy market areas, from outside the temple and frequently visited offices. Most of these theives have come to Dehradun in search of a living and some have been identified working a labour for odd jobs.

The police, however, is not able to clear that what is done of these stolen vehicles. the police is yet to identify the easy market where these stolen vehicles are sold and theives earn money. This is also important as stolen vehicles can easily be used to commit various other crimes without being caught.

Dead female body found hanging on a tree in Corbet

Ramnagar : A dead body of an unknown female was found hanging on a tree in the famous Cornet National Park in Uttarakhand on monday, 7/07/2014. The hanging body was first seen by the tiger reserve employees while they were patrol in the Bijrani range of the reserve. They immediately informed the higher authorities for further action.

The body has been sent for postmortem by the police, however, the unfortunate lady has still not been identified. There also has been no report of any lady missing in the region. 

The Deputy Director Corbet Tiget reserve Saket Budola reported the incident to the police. As per the police, on the face it seems to be a suicide however the correct reason can only be known after the portmortem.

This is the second incident reported in the region within four months. In febuary a burnt body was found in the region of a young girl and the case is still unsolved.