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Living Without Oil

The present day life for all has become very comfortable. Thanks to the technological advancements in every field, be it communication, travelling/commuting, manufacturing, networking, business even domestic lifestyles have undergone a sea change. Though mobile Phones, Computers, Advanced Machinery, Television Sets, Internet and a host of other such equipments/machines have touched our lives and have made living or working easier as well as complex. But the thing that has largely affected our life is OIL.

When we think or talk of oil, we tend to think about Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene or cooking oil and cooking gas. Most of us don’t realize that oil is not just oil, it has become the back bone of the modern day civilization, and that all of us together have built a web around ourselves. The convenient and comfortable lifestyles that we have adopted are majorly based on oil and its products/by products. No one can be sure about the quantity of oil that is left to be extracted out of earth and when thought deeply, the question of life without oil arises and forces us to ponder on the subject.

Oil is not just driving on the roads; there are many important by-products that come out of petroleum. Be it Railways, Busses, taxis, airplanes which commute people around and help them travel long distances, both for work or pleasure, in the city, country or Internationally. Then there are Trucks and Lorries including Rail and air means for transporting of goods to near and far destinations. All these means of public transport are fired by oil.

Industry and manufacturing Units big or small use oil to run their generator sets during power cuts. In today’s modern times even farming cannot be possible without oil which is required to run Tractors, Harvesting Machines, Irrigation pumps, Deep Boring equipments etc all these run on oil.

Kitchens - whether domestic or commercial need LPG for cooking. Just thinking about running a domestic kitchen without LPG would give a house wife shivers and aches of all sorts.

Experts have predicted that the pool of oil is diminishing and will come to an end someday leaving nothing for the generations to come. The chances of a comfortable living are considerably low without this important natural resource that we have never valued. This natural resource has the strongest hold on the economy, markets and businesses, power generation. There is nothing that is exempt from oil and its influence.

It is high time, though a bit late, that the think tanks or policy makers or public influencers should come forward and suggest means of saving OIL. On our part, as consumers, we should also do our bit and control the consumption of Oil. How can we go about it? It is very simple; For local commuting we can share cars, some Nations have made it obligatory. Travelling to places far and wide can be done by shared cabs, trains or services provided by various air-lines, instead of driving individually in one’s own car, or taking a private cab for a single traveler or flying your own private plane. Yes most of us can afford the luxury but at what cost? How long this luxury is going to last is anybody’s guess. It is not a matter of affording; it is an issue for saving a natural resource for as long as possible.


We may own ‘N’ number of cars but what is the use of bringing all of them on the road where planning can bring this number down considerably. Unnecessary use of vehicles, like a fleet of cars for VVIPs, young generation making reckless use of their cars or two wheelers just for fun or showoff can be avoided. Waiting at red lights with ignition on also wastes a lot of fuel that can be saved. In the kitchens use of Cookers or placing lids on cooking pots can save a lot of LPG. Idle running of Trucks, tractors or other such vehicles also consumes a lot of petrol/diesel, this should be stopped. In short if we all adopt austerity measures we can definitely save a lot of oil and make it last a bit longer and in turn help in controlling Global Warming and do something for the Global Community.

If we cannot do this then time is not far when we shall go back to the age where we will be sitting around an oil lamp or wax candles at night during power cuts, cooking on coal or blowing agithis with wooden logs. Travelling on horse backs or tongas, local running will be done on bicycles. In short we shall be going back by around a century to the age in which our fore-fathers used to live. Then what would be the use of all these Technological Advancements.


 Lets save oil together and help it last a litle longer



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Update on: Thursday, June, 2, 2011, 19:25


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