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Naturotarian - a lifestyle

Naturotarian, I have searched various resources available in hard and soft versions and have been unlucky to find reference to this word. According to my thinking, which is not an authentic source, the word Naturotarian should be related to general well being.

Staying healthy and having a long; disease free life, void of any old age signs, is just like a dream come true for most of us. We all dread at the very thought of growing old, the word ‘OLD’ when related to a person, gives him/her shivers up the spine. Same goes for disease – be it cardiac problem, hypertension, paralysis, problems of the kidney, arthritis, malfunctioning of the limbs or various other organs or general depletion of energy or minor infections. We all dread facing any of such situations.

Have we ever spent time in analyzing the above situations, the causes that lead to them or ways how they can be avoided? No, we have not made any serious effort, on the contrary a lot of time, effort and money has been invested in finding cure for them. A school of alternative thought process is of the view that staying healthy and young is not at all difficult. It does not require any special effort, exercise, yoga. We have only ourselves to blame, we have made our lives so complex and difficult, that leading a healthy and youthful life seems a far off thing. Have we ever heard or seen animals, birds or sea creatures suffering from any disease or growing old, here I would like to request my wild life expert friends to help me out. The wild animals, birds or sea/fresh water creatures become disease prone only when they come into contact with us – humans, when they start living with us and adopt our life style and eating habits.

Our body is a very complex machine made up of various organs, limbs, veins, arteries, a large structure of bones, blood, flesh, skin and host of other items, which scholars of human body can confirm. Though a combination of all these is complex, mother nature has put in place a system for everything which works automatically, be it blood supply, digestive system, breathing or nervous system or internal defense mechanism, everything is so well synchronized that no effort is required for its functioning. Even child birth is a natural phenomena, apart from the initial effort put in by the parents, rest of the birth process takes naturally, likewise we do not have to put any effort to die, death also comes naturally. If birth and death is all natural, then why not live naturally? This would logically be the right way to live, with less effort and complexity.

Now let’s see and evaluate what nature has provided us for natural living – sun, air, water and cosmic energy, gravitational and natural magnetic forces. No man on earth, since its evolution has put these in place, these have been there since time immemorial. Do we make full use of these natural gifts? No, the answer to this is an emphatic NO. Some may contradict and reply that they spend time in the open have sun bath and absorb the sun rays, or go for walks in morning and evening and inhale a lot of fresh air. Agreed, then can we evaluate the ratio between time spent inside glass door blocked air-conditioned rooms and time spent in the open, the results would be surprising. Forget the animals of the wilderness, or fresh water/sea creatures. If we compare our health standards with people who are less privileged, who live in thatched houses, spend most of the time in the open exposed to these natural resources, we will be shocked with the results. Such people have little or no diseases, that is, if they maintain hygienic surroundings, except for minor ailments they are healthier than most of us. This is where the word Naturotarian will play its part.

>> Ashok Ahuja

Update on: Monday, August, 15, 2011, 18:9


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