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Why should someone donate blood ?

     There are a lot of reasons to donate blood; however, when it comes to the ground reality, donating blood truly is a divine experience. Blood is life and there is no other substitute for human blood as it can neither be manufactured nor replaced by animal blood. From tiny infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units all across the country, to elderly individuals needing that vital surgery for one last chance at life, blood donations go on to help all sorts of people from all different ethnic backgrounds, ages and walks of life.

Since blood can not be stored for long period of time and there is a continuous demand for it, thus it needs regular donors to keep the stock always ready. Blood donations are constantly in demand, as donated blood can only be used for several weeks in some cases. Hospitals never know how much blood of a certain type they will require to help patients, and especially when a disaster takes place, there will be a dramatically increased demand for blood that a certain location may not be able to meet. You can help resolve that issue by donating every 12 weeks, as your body replaces the donated blood rather in a better time than that.

How does donating blood help us?

1. You are helping to ensure safety for yourself and loved ones in case you come into a situation where you yourself need a transfusion. It can help you with your future health concerns as well.

2. It reduces the chances of ischemic heart diseases (beginning of heart problems) as frequent donations reduce the accumulated and unwanted iron load from the body.

3. It enhances the production of new Red Blood Cells and thus refreshes blood.

4. Burns calories. One pint of blood (450 ml) when donated burns 650 calories in donor’s body. 

5. Basic blood test is done. This includes Hematocrit i.e. HB level test, Blood pressure is measured, body weight is checked. After the blood is collected it is tested for 5 major diseases. Those are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis and malaria. Donor is immediately informed if any of these test is found  to be positive.

6. Makes you meet people like you. You will be connected to a generous portion of the community you did not otherwise know existed. Blood donors are a very special group of volunteers who truly make a difference in the local world around them.

Common Myths about blood donation Cleared

1. There are no side effects as only a small portion of blood is removed from the body. The people collecting blood care for humans and that is why they have taken up this work; they care for you too.

2. Only sterile disposables are used to collect your blood. These disposables can be used only one time. This totally eliminates any remote chance of catching any disease from blood donation.

3. Some people do not give blood because they have a rare group. This reason is a better one to donate more number of times as rare blood is more required always. You body will make the donated blood in less than 48 hours, so you are not loosing anything by donating.

4. Trypanophobia is the extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles. This is one reason why some people avoid donating blood. Only you can come over it as everything is done the first time sometime; scare your fear.


Where to Donate Blood: 

1. There are blood banks in almost all cities.

2. Various organizations arrange blood bank every now and then; organizations like Rotary  Club, Rotaract Club and Lions Club, which also exist in almost all towns. You an easily find one.




 Donate Blood


Doon Hospital, Dehradun



HIHT Jolly Grant, Dehradun.

0135-2412081 to 86


ONGC Hospital, Dehradun


Army Hospital, Dehradun.

0135-2706520, 2706507


Chaabra Blood Bank, Dehradun.

0135-2654134 / 2783504


Shri Mahant Indresh Hospital, Dehradun



I.M.A. Blood Bank, Ballupur Road, Dehradun

0135-2755010 to 12


Udhamsingh Nagar


J.L.N. Distt. Hospital, Rudrapur, (U.S. Nagar)



L. D. Bhatt Hospital, Kashipur, U.S. Nagar



District Hospital, Gopeshwar (Chamoli)



District Hospital, Narender Nagar, (Tehri)



Distt. HMG Hospital, Haridwar



Army Hospital, Roorkee



B.H.E.L. Hospital, Haridar

01334-285247, 285225


Combined Hospital, Roorkee



Ramakrishna Mission, Haridwar

01334-246141, 244176, 244984 (FAX



B. D. Pandey, Distt. Hospital, Nainital

05942-235012, 235022


Soban Singh Jeena Base Hospital, Haldwani (Nainital)



Shushila Tiwari Hospital, Haldwani, (Nainital)

955946-234104, 234397



Distt. Hospital, Pithoragarh



Distt. Hospital, Almora




Distt. Hospital, Uttarkashi

01374 - 222103

Pauri Garhwal

Distt. Hospital, Pauri



Base Hospital, Srinagar (Pauri)








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